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EMV Chip Cards are officially here!

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As we continue to provide superior customer service along with the best banking services available, we will be replacing your traditional magnetic strip card with an EMV Chip Card within the next six weeks! You will have your new Chip Card in time for Holiday shopping.


  • Continue to use your current card until you receive your new Chip Card in the mail.

  • When switching to chip technology, all Chip Cards are issued  with a new card number.


It’s the secure way to make purchases at chip-card terminals in the US and abroad.


  • The embedded chip uses encryption cbt-chip-card-debit-2016
    technology to protect your account information, reduce the risk of fraud, and make your card difficult to counterfeit.
  • Chip cards are already standard in more than 130 countries — and US merchants are quickly switching to chip — so your card can help you make more secure purchases practically anywhere you go.
  • You’ll sign for your purchases at most check-out counters, and use your PIN at self-service terminals. Create your 4-digit PIN when you activate your card.



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At traditional magnetic-stripe terminals:

It’s simple! Just swipe and sign as you always have. (There’s also no change for online and phone purchases.) Remember, since US merchants are quickly making the switch to chip cards, you’ll use your magnetic stripe less often as time goes by.


Flexibility is a wonderful thing.

Your chip card works with all types of payment authorizations:

  • Chip & signature – at most checkout counters
  • Chip & PIN – at self-service terminals like ticket kiosks and some gas pumps
  • Chip & no verification – mostly on low-value purchases

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